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Message From The Chairman

一般社団法人 東京ハイヤー・タクシー協会 会長 川鍋一朗

Thank you for using Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association.

In 2012, taxis reached their 100th anniversary in Japan. The first taxi company in the country began operations in 1912 in Yurakucho, Tokyo, equipping six Model T Fords with fare meters.

During this 100-year period there were many problems, including an oil crisis, a drawn-out recession and deregulation, but we overcame these obstacles and reached this milestone is thanks to all of you who patronized taxis over the years. Again, thank you.

And in April 2013, it was decided that we, the Corporation Tokyo Taxicab Association, as part of public-service corporation reform, would become a general incorporated association, change our name to the Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association (THTA), and get a fresh start.

The situation the industry finds itself in remains severe, but Tokyo's taxis, as a form of public transportation, will continue working to be safe and secure, serve our customers and earn their appreciation. We humbly ask your understanding and support.

Ichiro Kawanabe
Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association